Here is your chance to learn how markets operate at a granular level. Every single wave on every single chart driven by human behaviour creates variations of the same fractal pattern on every degree of trend. AriasWave knows this and has created a program that best describes how this pattern evolves over time.

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Waves are not easy to identify. The reason for this is because in order to accurately know which wave you are currently looking at means that you need to know what the entire pattern is right from the beginning. 


If you have no idea what that pattern is then how can you expect to know what comes after this wave or the next wave? 

When you look at a chart you should ask yourself these 3 questions:

Do I know what the entire pattern is since the beginning of the chart data?

Do I understand what the current wave is within that pattern?

Do I know which wave price is currently trading within that larger wave?

The reason why 95%+ of traders lose is that they really have no idea about how to answer these questions.

AriasWave gives you a roadmap to the waves so that you understand the overall pattern in order to understand the current wave within that pattern, which could be one of the many variances depending on the wave.

Nobody is perfect and sometimes you incorrectly identify a wave that leads to a bearish view, but when something isn't right how do you change direction?

This is no problem for AriasWave technicians because of how this methodology allows you to pinpoint the incorrectly identified wave so that you can correct your mistake by making a Wave Revision and execute trades accordingly. If you do not have the appropriate wave knowledge then you won't know exactly where to go long, where to place your stop, where your target is, and which wave comes next.

If you cannot follow each wave of just one particular market then why would you spend so much time looking at all sorts of charts?


Do you really think it is a good idea to confuse yourself that much?




AriasWave was created to fill the gap left by the inaccurate and subjective nature of other wave theories.

It is based on the predictable pattern created by human behavior based on social mood and its main focus is to help you accurately trade markets as well as forecasting and predicting.

It took 6 years of research and development to create the framework which includes back-testing on an array of historical charts across many different types of markets. AriasWave continues to be extremely reliable and to this day keeps on proving its accuracy. 

The beauty of this methodology is its simplicity, however just because it is simple that doesn't mean that mistakes won't be made. It is usually the analyst which is wrong and not the framework which is why there are many wave revisions before a trade is executed. Hard work pays off and it takes practice to get the proper count right.


Practicing is easy once you have the knowledge.


A non-disclosure agreement is an agreement between you and AriasWave that basically states that you will not share this proprietary confidential knowledge with anyone. 

When you apply for either the Mentor or Learn program you will be required to sign an NDA before your account is fully activated and permission is granted to access the content.

This is to protect the AriasWave brand from being copied and sold elsewhere.


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