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Updated: Jan 2

It seems eerily quiet at the moment after the historical Crude Oil crash to zero on the 21st of April but that is only a taste of the things to come…

I used to only ever imagine what it would look like to see the price of Oil go to zero and when I saw it I was amazed at just how crazy this is. That chart will be forever distorted because of that move.

If you have seen my forecasts you will notice the theme which is basically bullish US Dollar and bearish everything else except one thing, bond yields aka interest rates.

At the moment I am seeing ending diagonals on pretty much every chart I look at and that tells me that when they are all complete that’s when the action begins and they all seem to be aiming to complete around the same time which is roughly around 1 – 2 weeks from now.

The system is broken but it will be fixed soon. Carelessness coupled with too much cheap credit in the system has caused stock market and asset bubbles orders of magnitude larger than anything ever seen before. Nature has to correct this unbalanced force and when it does it will give everyone the reality check they need.

Even though the waves have been forming these patterns and leading to this very moment for many years they are now at a critical turning point but add to it a global pandemic to really put the brakes on everything and you have the perfect storm.

This has me wondering which came first the chicken or the egg. Could it be a self-fulfilling prophecy or just a negative feedback loop? I guess we may never really know but whatever the case may be I am sure that it will bring about some pretty drastic changes to how we operate in our day-to-day lives for quite some time.

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