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There is a lot of talk in the media about restrictions being eased and many may start to think or assume that if things go back to normal sooner rather than later then it should be business as usual right?

Not so fast, the things going on in the markets are only just getting started and have nothing to do with the global pandemic so if you have seen my Calm Before the Storm and Biases Could Be Clouding Your Judgement posts you will know that the news has nothing to do with what is playing out in the global economy. When you hear on the news that so and so said this and markets reacted as a result, well that is all hearsay and just remember who owns the media giants.

There are sunny days even throughout bad times so don’t let external factors get in the way of some logical and rational thinking. As we all know humans make mistakes and global pandemics don’t exactly happen every other year so we don’t exactly have a lot of experience handling these scenarios so mistakes can and will occur as Murphy’s Law would suggest.

By now most people are aware of the vast array of agendas and narratives in play out there that are all designed to throw you off a little so you never quite get a real sense of truth in relation to what is really happening in the world. Some of these recent scandals that have surfaced have begun to lift the lid on only a tiny fraction of the things that have been going on under our noses and they should make you think about what else could be going on.

What comes next was always going to happen regardless of what dominates the headlines because human behavior is very predictable and if you believe deep down that we are all part of one collective consciousness then you may just be on the right path to working out why markets create such a precise fractal pattern that span millenniums yet still forms the pattern perfectly.

Actions speak louder than words. –Proverb.

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