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Updated: Jan 2

It is not known if Bitcoin was created by the US government in an effort to prepare the world for digital currencies and a cashless society whereby every transaction can be tracked and traced. I do believe that this is part of a larger plan to create a US government-backed digital currency called FedCoin which will replace the US Dollar after it crashes. The US Dollar is in its final stages of a Wave 2 correction that started in 2008.

So although they will create the illusion that the US Dollar is being replaced by FedCoin it will essentially still be the US Dollar in digital form but with all the added benefits they will have like the ability to control what you do with your money and to tax everything instantly.

Also if you are not up to scratch as a human being and have been displaying anti-social or criminal behavior then they could easily disappear you off the system or suspend your accounts so you won’t have the ability to purchase goods and services, something akin to a social credit score system.

The crash in the US Dollar I mentioned earlier isn’t just a crash it’s a bottoming process that has been in progress since 1919 in what is probably the largest ending diagonal pattern I have seen.

Bitcoin is still is in its last move up in what is called a diagonal pattern and is expected to reach $38,000 before a top can be called.

Now you can see why alternative cryptocurrencies, in general, look like a good idea when compared to what they have planned.

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