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Stock markets are indeed the gauge of human progress and the very first thing I need to point out is that all stock markets are correlated. If you don’t believe me then why is there a world index? There is now a Cryptocurrency index.

So what does this mean?

It means we are all one.

We are each part of one whole aka the collective consciousness, if you don’t believe it that’s fine but how else can you explain the perfect fractal patterns formed on each index globally since the beginning of recorded history? They are priced by their various constituents which are all the indexes of each country combined to make one index.

So back to the subject at hand, Indices are all just different versions of the same thing, you can look at it like an engine. Each human being has the ability to create a business or work for one, again it’s the one and the same thing. The workers are just fractals or manifestations of the business model realized so, therefore, are the same thing.

So an economy is just a group of people working together and the stock market for each group or country is a representation of the people that drive it and it is also subconsciously priced by the very people that invest in those people which again is everyone. Whether you know if or not someway somehow you are a participant in the valuation of the entire economy as a whole, we all are.

Every single kind of asset is priced based on what the social mood dictates through active participation. This includes interest rates aka the value of money. This patterned behavior spans generations and even millenniums.

So tell me what happens when everything suddenly stops?

Without us, they don’t have an economy so they must look after us.

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