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The Bond Market which is the debt market is the largest market in the world. The Bond market is worth over $100 Trillion Dollars but there are some reports that suggest that it is much larger. The inverse of the value of Bonds is the Bond Yield which is where the interest rate comes from.

Global Interest Rates trend in the same direction and even though the waves look different and oscillate at different levels compared to the counterparts they still create the same pattern.

So one may think that central banks are in full control of interest rates but in fact, they are merely reacting to the Bond Yield for that particular country. So it becomes clear that they want to give us the impression that they have everything under control when in fact they are just reacting to the markets as most market participants do.

AriasWave analysis suggests that the large corrective pattern in the Bond Yield that started over 1000 years ago is coming to an end right now. This means that very soon the Bond Yields will skyrocket and as a requirement of the pattern they will need to go above 20% as a minimum requirement to complete the pattern. There are quite a few interesting things taking place around this time so this being just one of them is part of a larger picture that is forming that will radically change the nature of our markets and investment behaviors as a result.

Some patterns take longer to form than others which explains why some markets appear to always trend in the same direction. When a larger trend ends it catches people by surprise because they have never known it to be any different in their lifetime. When you put two and two together you really start to understand the ramifications of these assumptions which most will only have the opportunity of dealing with in hindsight. That’s why the waves will always give you fair warning of these trend changes but only if you know them well.

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