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Updated: Jan 2

The Nanny state, police state, surveillance, money printing, police brutality, racism, inequality, asset bubbles, riots, viruses, unemployment, bankruptcies, depression aka deep recession, what is coming next nothing can stop it even if you QE and print money to heaven and back the social mood at the moment is on a knifes edge and is about to slip at any given moment and send us into a deflationary spiral depression bloodbath which has been brewing since 1987.

Dot-Com bubble, GFC, and now the credit bubble coming to an end.

When you do that to society you warp and twist the mind into unnatural things and you get the world we have today where everything is fake. Fake money, fake assets, fake government. Government means to govern your mental state which is just another form of control in order to deceive us by using the media to make you believe in whatever they want and change how you perceive reality to be.

The waves are the only real guide as to what this all means and this sets the stage for the perfect storm of natural forces combining to create the type of apocalyptic scenario that Hollywood has been programming our minds with for years.

This may all sound far-fetched but the waves are all based on social mood and this has only just started turning negative since October last year and what we are looking at is at least an 80% decline from the highs. AriasWave analysis suggests that the first plunge will erase 80% of global markets followed by a bounce which will make some feel like things are returning back to normal only to plunge down below the previous plunge and this could take years to unfold.

Is this a cause for concern, well how is it looking already? I don’t really have to answer that. I believe that it’s falling apart because it is fake so why should anyone worry. If it’s fake let it fall so that when it’s done falling we can all rebuild a better world. One where we aren’t so totally reliant on credit and actually start creating real value for each other.

3 steps forward 2 steps back, I will be tracking every turn of the screw.

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