Support and Resistance - Learn how to analyze and trade markets using the social mood pattern.

Updated: Jan 2

Just like in construction the waves have to have solid support in bull markets and solid resistance in bear markets. If you want to be able to trade them effectively and make a profit you have to have predefined levels of support and resistance or you will inevitably lose money and get stopped out.

For example in a bull market, once you see and impulsive move it is followed by corrective pattern and as soon as this pattern is completed right at the exact moment it ends, a new cycle of impulsive and corrective patterns begins again but the last wave in the last correction leaves behind a support level which cannot be broken. The next cycle builds on top of the previous one and the process continues. When you see that confirmation you can place a new trade every time a new support level is created because the price won’t go below it. In a bear market the opposite is true. That corrective pattern is perfectly predictable and that is what I call AriasWave.

Trading with AriasWave is not a science but rather an art using a proven framework. A set of rules and guidelines that enable you to identify the waves in play and how to find those crucial levels which can make trading a breeze. It is perfectly OK to be wrong once or twice in the smaller degree waves as long as you’re right on the larger degree waves and this takes practice but it's fun!

From now on I will be demonstrating these levels in my TradingView ideas so that you can clearly observe the reason for that trading idea, the process of implementing these support and resistance levels into every idea will also help followers use them as actionable trades so you can profit off them.

In these difficult times you may find yourself trying to learn how to trade and although it is not easy, it is definitely possible if you learn the right way from the beginning. AriasWave is my attempt to help others cut through years of trial and error which leads to a magnitude of frustration and proceed straight into the meat and vegetables of what trading is which makes it a fun process from the beginning.

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