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Updated: Jan 2

Its taken 6 years to develop AriasWave into a tool that can be used to trade and forecast any market. More recently we have made major advancements that have increased the accuracy of pattern recognition methodologies. Due to these advances, I scraped the online course which I had initially offered in place of what is now The Mentor Program. The word "course" in this industry carries with it a negative connotation due to people scamming others into buying really bad ways of losing money.

The Mentor Program is a personalized service that teaches you to see the market through the AriasWave lens and suddenly it will all make sense. Instead of just providing students a bunch of videos and away you go we have taken a different approach. Instead, the information is well laid out in an easy to understand color-coded mind map for both bullish and bearish markets. AriasWave is so advanced that it actually teaches you how to determine the dominant trend for any market based on the most historical chart data available.

The Market Analysis page provides you with a list of markets which is growing constantly that connect the chart with a specialized AriasWave color-coded version of the same chart which connects to the mind maps and details the dominant trend for you. This means that every single wave in that market is recreated using waves that are all individually color-coded. Imagine that.

The Trading Guide which is also a mind map for both bullish and bearish markets is there to show you which are the best waves to trade in a market that will give you the highest chance of success. This is the part where you bring the knowledge and understanding of trends together to help you formulate trading plans that carry the least amount of risk. Once you learn all the waves properly it won't matter what degree of trend you decide to trade on or which timeframe you choose to do so.

This wouldn't be considered mentoring if there wasn't any one-to-one interaction. In order to enhance the learning experience, you will have 10 1-hour Zoom coaching sessions at your disposal to use whenever you need help furthering your AriasWave knowledge because after all, this is about actually learning properly and using it to make money. It's an investment in yourself and your future so take it seriously.

You won't be a winner until you start believing and feeling that you already are the person you want to be. We are just here to help you achieve that goal using the very best method of reading and interpreting the exact movement of any market that you decide to place your thoughts on.

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