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The media is like a magnifying glass and the global powers that be all working together towards a cause are the light being shun intensely on one spot which starts to burn a narrative into your mind for a while but then it turns into a wildfire worse than any bush fire because it burns through all our freedoms and basic human rights. This ticks many boxes for them with one of them being that it creates a good enough reason for why things are the way they are right now that way you cannot find any other reason for the collapse of the economy even if it was already going to happen.

If you believe that things just randomly happen then you may not question what is going on but if you like to dig around for clues you will find a vast array of things that all line up in order like dominoes. Unfortunately, there are too many things like social media that distract us from reality in our day-to-day lives which will prevent most from questioning the boring things that are happening behind the scenes but those boring things will affect this and future generations in profound ways for years to come.

So if the markets are driven by greed and fear then it is safe to say we have seen the greed part already, next comes the fear part which is what we are seeing now with this so-called pandemic which will severely intensify that which was already going to happen by many orders of magnitude.

There are many online resources that shine a light on the many things going on but they are a little beyond the scope of this post. My view is that this bug is not the cause of what is brewing in the markets but rather it is the cherry on top.

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