The Great Reset - Learn to trade the coming market moves caused by this event.

Updated: Jan 2

The move up in the DOW JONES since the Great Depression has been entirely corrective, this pattern is called a TYPE-2 Zig-Zag. This means that after that pattern completes either late this year or early next year there will be an economic depression or you could call it The Great Reset. We call it a Wave C.

The Federal Reserve Bank of America was founded in 1913 in order to help avert economic crises but what if it was really created so that they inadvertently have the power to create them?

The elites have owned a large majority of media organizations since that time.

The media past and present has been used to promote debt and create the type of hype that has nowadays led to terms like FOMO being used for fear of missing out. Real wages stopped growing in the 1970s therefore the only way for people to be able to own a house or other assets is by taking out loans.

What are bonds? Bonds are debt repackaged into a tradable product.

What are mortgage-backed securities? This investment is similar to a bond and is made up of a bundle of home loans bought by the banks that issue them.

What is the inverse of interest rates? Bond prices.

What is QE or stimulus? Mainly the purchasing of bonds and mortgage-backed securities in order to keep interest rates low.

These bond-buying programs have enabled central banks to keep rates as low as possible until the point where there is now no more room to lower them because they have hit 0% in the US. Some may argue that Europe already has negative interest rates however they are a completely different kettle of fish. Still, they keep on coming up with new ways to stimulate the economy since March 2020, and every time there is a sign that there will be no more stimulus the markets show weakness. We are only two waves away from the top of this pattern which started in 1932.

The FED has used all of their so-called "tools" to keep the markets going as long as possible instead of letting the markets crash and correct properly along the way they seemed to have purposefully kept it going as long as possible, but why you may ask?

Information about The Great Reset is publicly available on the World Economic Forums website. One must ask themselves why would they be promoting such a thing? The answer is because they have the power to cause a crash and call it "The Great Reset" which makes you wonder about all these other events in history that begin with the word "Great". Other such topics are discussed on their website which relates to socialism\communism.

By owning so much of what is keeping these global markets afloat, central banks have the power to end it all at a moment's notice and they will, whether it's by accident or intentional.

Please don't take our word for it, we encourage you to do your own research. We are only putting 2 and 2 together in order to find the reasons why these waves occur the way they do by finding out what the drivers behind them are.

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