The Storm Clouds Are Brewing - Learn to trade the coming market moves caused by these events.

Updated: Jan 2

The time has come to talk about what is currently taking place across global markets and what is coming next.

The DOW JONES is two small waves away from completing an expanded Wave B zig-zag to the upside which started in 1932 after the Great Depression. This means that we are about to see Wave C to the downside. Wave C will be more devasting than the Great Depression which was Wave A.

Interest Rates have just completed Wave B to the downside which started in 1440. This means Wave C to the upside is about to begin.

The US Dollar completed Wave B to the downside in 2008 and has almost completed Wave 2 of Wave C. Wave C which is to the upside.

This means the EURUSD is about to collapse along with all other global currencies against the US Dollar.

Do you think this is all just a coincidence with what is happening today?

AriasWave has the ability to see exactly what happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future.

When it begins shortly you will see it with your own eyes.

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