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Updated: Jan 2

Trading is basically a game, it doesn’t have to be hard and costly it can be extremely fun and rewarding especially when you learn the waves because you create a picture in your mind of what the long term pattern is, and when you practice every day you strengthen those pathways that create good habits. It’s like building muscle the more repetitions you give it the more you will condition yourself to make sense of complex situations until the waves just fall into place because there can only be one combination of waves every time. The only difference is the shapes and sizes of those waves can vary from chart to chart because no two waves are ever the same. It’s basically a process of elimination like a puzzle and once you start looking at it that way it becomes quite entertaining and profitable.

If you ever find yourself getting frustrated, tired or angry and feel like throwing your whole computer out the window this is a sign you need to take a break. Go for a walk; think about something else because just like any game refreshing your mind is like hitting the refresh button on your browser or restarting your whole machine when it crashes it will perform better next time.

I would rather get annoyed at my wave identification ability on an off day than getting really frustrated with indicators or oscillators for not giving me the right signal because with those you’re beating a dead horse and you cannot rely on them in the long run, they will let you down.

What could be more fun than a game that makes money, one that is not like gambling because you are challenging yourself to learn exactly the pattern waves create every time without fail and then testing your abilities every time you look at a chart.

One more thing… I can totally understand the skeptics which are why I have started posting my TradingView ideas directly onto my home page as soon as they are created so that over time we can all see what the results are.

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