You Are Only Seeing Part Of The Picture.

Updated: Jan 27

If you like looking at charts with all the lovely patterns that markets make the truth is you are only seeing a small part of a much larger picture unfolding over vast periods of time. Everything that is happening in the world today is merely an indication of a much larger sequence of events that must unfold in order for the world to transition to what it must become in the future.

Even though history repeats itself, it never repeats itself in exactly the same way, therefore, having a guide that really allows you to understand what is maneuvering the world in the direction it is heading is priceless.

AriasWave gives you the roadmap to the waves that you need to identify the exact course that markets will take using a tried and tested methodology that will put you ahead of the competition.


Participating in the markets is a zero-sum game which means that for every winner there is a loser. Now, hearing this statement may seem trivial at first but when you take into consideration that Central Banks are the biggest holders of debt it becomes clear that they are taking the other side of the biggest trade in history.

Well, think about it, at this point in time with interest rates so low they are basically getting a very small rate of return for their investments however they have every advantage.

If you are an AriasWave analyst you will know that interest rates are about to turn and head north, therefore, causing an avalanche of defaults which will lead to Central Banks being the largest owners of these assets.


The first thing you should be aware of is that the only way they are able to keep rates so low is because they have all these bond-buying programs which they like to call QE or Quantitative Easing which to the average person may seem like a great idea because it keeps rates low and the value of asset prices rising but there is a very big downside to carrying so much risk over time and especially at the end of a cycle.

Even though in the short term this may appear like a good idea in reality this is the last resort. All this does is delay the inevitable and when the time comes for markets to turn, this will lead to a perfect storm of events that renders these programs useless and leads to a deleveraging which in turn will cause asset prices to fall significantly as we saw in the GFC.

To most this may seem like a passing phase in the grand scheme of things however AriasWave knows that the GFC was merely the first sign that something much bigger is on the horizon and that what comes next will completely change the financial world in a profound way.


The herd or "the crowd" is always wrong in the long term and so are a lot of economists. You may ask why and the reason is simple and it comes down to extrapolation. A lot of the time people think that if something is going up then it will continue to go up for the foreseeable future. This assumption is what causes bubbles, whether it is in the short term or the long term. The only real way to know the truth is to know the waves which is the exact reason why AriasWave was created.

"An object in motion tends to remain in motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force." Isaac Newton.


The truth is the FED does not have your back and why would they? They are literally taking the other side of the trade when it comes to the long-term positions held in these debt instruments so how could it be a win-win for everyone over the long term when this is a zero-sum game? The truth is that it won't be.


To truly be ahead of the game you need inside information that is not tampered with and manipulated. The waves are in essence the truth because they are the representation of human behavior in the most basic form which is price action.

Once you obtain this knowledge you will systematically know what your next moves should be and when you should make them.

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