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With all of the craziness unfolding in the world today many people are looking for new ways to make money. Many are trying to trade the markets.

Many of those people are simply gambling and have no idea what these markets are actually doing or what they will do in the future.

Easy come easy go.

AriasWave is here to teach you how the waves operate on any chart of any market. The pattern is the same for all markets.

Each market has a trend, ask yourself do you know the overall trend of the market you are trading? Is it bullish or bearish?

If you cannot answer these questions then you are most likely trading blindly.

How much capital are you willing to lose before the pain is unbearable and you call it quits?

Wouldn't you prefer to learn how the markets work so that you can actually make profits?

Only you can honestly answer these questions.


What Lies Ahead? 2021

 DOW JONES: The entire move up since the Great Depression is a Type-2 Expanded Zig-Zag which means the next move after this market tops will indeed fit the title of The Great Reset. Check out our blog post about this topic here.  In March 2020 we saw the bottom of Wave C complete with a massive drop and since then we have been tracing out Wave D which is almost complete. We should see another crash in the markets in Wave E to complete Wave iv which started in 2018. Check out the latest idea titled: DOW JONES - Wave Revision - Preparing To Short This Market

EURUSD: We are still seeing this last wave in the Euro which started in March 2020 continue to move higher in Wave E. I expect to see this current wave terminate in the late part of the third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2021 which will complete the Wave 2 correction that started in 2009. Wave 3 down will intensify the move down in the Dow Jones which should have already been falling since earlier in the year. I hear many people talk about how the US Dollar is in its final days and will collapse due to money printing however the pattern tells a completely different story. The latest idea explains what is currently happening in the Euro and is titled EURUSD - The Ending Diagonal Count - Wave iv In Progress

GOLD: Currently this market is producing an ending diagonal in preparation for the final wave up in Wave (C) of a Zig-Zag that started in 1976. Wave (C) started in 1999.

 BITCOIN: Is in the process of topping out in Wave (C) of Wave B. See featured ideas below.

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