Wave Analysis

AriasWave is an innovative wave methodology meticulously developed and rigorously back tested over an 8-year span using the latest technology. Gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and the fractal patterns reflecting mass psychology by mastering AriasWave. Our newly designed learning path breaks down this complex system into manageable steps, making it simpler than ever to learn. AriasWave principles have been the bedrock of our analysis, proving their effectiveness time and again. With testing finalised in 2023, we're now primed to transform AriasWave into the most powerful tool for technical market analysis. Join us on this journey to redefine your trading strategies today!

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Research on fractal patterns began after determining that mainstream wave theories are extremely subjective and mostly inaccurate. 

AriasWave Pattern Discovered

Testing and development of the AriasWave methodology began in 2015 after finally discovering a repeating pattern.


First AriasWave ideas were posted on social media platforms such as TradingView and YouTube.

Original website was created and basic course was launched.


First wave of members discovered AriasWave for the first time and purchased original methodology.


Testing of methodology completed in March. Website was redesigned and soft-launched. Course currently being redeveloped.


Exciting News! We now offer personalized 1-on-1 coaching for those eager to master AriasWave. Our analysis of early adopters indicates that receiving dedicated training significantly enhances the learning experience. The methodology is best absorbed through individualized sessions, and with each passing month, the effectiveness of self-guided learning diminishes.

To ensure your success, we've made 1-on-1 coaching the exclusive option for now. If you're ready to dive into AriasWave and want to maximise your understanding, simply submit an inquiry through our contact page to sign up for this invaluable coaching experience.

Welcome to AriasWave, where we revolutionise your trading and investment experience. Many individuals believe that the markets lack a true repetitive pattern, leading to unsuccessful trades and capital loss. Existing wave theories may be partly responsible for this. As losses accumulate, your psychology is affected, leading to a downward spiral. 

At AriasWave, we understand that being a trader demands significant time and effort, often more than you anticipate. Why not embrace the best of both worlds by combining trading and investing? Our platform provides valuable insights to help you decide whether to adopt the role of a trader or an investor in different scenarios. By analysing the unfolding larger patterns and specific segments within them, AriasWave offers guidance on which direction to trade.

We acknowledge that there are occasions when owning the underlying asset is a wiser choice than speculating on price movements. With AriasWave, there is no definitive right or wrong answer, but we believe each scenario has a clear winner. Understanding what to expect is crucial to making informed decisions, which is why we explain AriasWave in a way that helps you anticipate specific waves at key junctures.

Without AriasWave, you may find yourself spending considerable time analysing various technical indicators and employing multiple methods that only yield occasional success. By comprehending the unfolding of specific waves and developing the ability to identify them, you gain insight into the level of patience required and allocate your attention effectively.

We advocate for a balanced lifestyle, and your role in the markets should be no exception. Without the support of AriasWave, you may fall back into old habits of thought that hinder long-term performance. Let us empower you to make informed decisions and enhance your overall trading and investment performance.


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